Getting your insurance company to pay for a roof damage repair claim can be difficult. RCR specializes in working with insurance companies and will help you know what can and can’t be made into a claim.
So, how do we help get your insurance company to pay for a roof replacement?

Help You Know Your Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies are wary of what they will and will not cover. As roofing contractors specialists with years of experience dealing with insurance claims, we offer a fair evaluation of your policy as well as an inspection of your roof to tell if we think our you are going to be covered.

We pride ourselves on our reputation and have years of experience working with insurance companies. For best practices, you should reach out to us within a week of the roof damage occurring because most states require a homeowner to make a claim within 30-60 days. Failure to make a timely claim is the reason for claim denial.

We take care of all the documentation. We will document the damage when we first get on-site. From there, we will be documenting all work that is performed so that your adjuster knows the processes and steps that were performed.

What we will document:
• The roofing materials
• Pre and post project images
• Proper ventilation
• The roof is in good standing

We Will Fight for the Same Quality Roof Before the Damage!

There is always that chance that an adjuster will make getting your roof replaced a challenge. We will do everything we can to make sure that you are getting the roofing and service they deserve.