At RCR, we believe that it is essential to get a roof inspection once every three years, even if the roof is brand new. The majority of roof damage these days comes from weather conditions like snow, heavy rain, ice, and high humidity that can gradually damage a roof over time. If we are the roofing contractor that installed your home’s roof or not, we recommend that after any massive storm, all homeowners schedule a roof inspection. We make it imperative to let our homeowners know that if they suspect any damage to their home or roof to call us immediately for an inspection to prevent further damage. In the end, it is wiser for a homeowner to replace their roof over having to deal with the stress of terrible water damage. And who knows, your home may only need replacing of a few shingles, over a whole roof replacement.  

Our typical calls are from homeowners who say that they feel drafts or see noticeable watermarks on the ceiling of their home. 

At RCR, we offer both interior and exterior roof inspections for our customers. When a homeowner calls RCR for an inspection, we will start with an interior roof inspection, which includes checking the attic for proper insulation and ventilation. If there are apparent moisture and mold in the attic, we will be confident that there is damage to the roof. Next, we will perform an exterior inspection where a certified professional will climb up on your home’s roof and check for where the water damage is intruding the home as well as the condition of the home’s shingles. 

After we inspect your roof, we will then let you know whether your roof is protecting your home or not. In some cases, we have found that a whole roof replacement is necessary. In other cases, we have found that only a few shingles need to be replaced. No matter if there is noticeable damage or not, each homeowner must receive an inspection once every three years to prevent further damages.