Population size can affect the severity of a storm by at least 2% in rainfall. This is due to a higher temperature in cities like Atlanta, Georgia. Our phones have the convenient ability to alert us of an oncoming storm, whether the storm happens tonight, tomorrow, or within the next few days. However these alerts come with two different descriptions of the storm, a storm watch or a storm warning. Without being informed on the difference between the two, how can we know how prepared we need to be for storms headed our way? Here’s the difference. A storm warning is a less severe storm message. 

A storm warning is for a storm that:

  • will arrive soon 
  • lasts between twenty minutes and an hour
  • covers only portions of a county
  • indicates we should take cover when the message is received

A storm watch is for a storm that:

  • will arrive within a few hours
  • lasts for several hours
  • can cover across multiple states
  • indicates we should have a plan prepared for when it arrives

With this information, we can better prepare ourselves for when that message shows up on phones. If you do experience storm damage on your home’s roof, call Revere Construction & Roofing at (404)855-7663, who have the power of a commercial company with the speed and customer service of a local company. Revere Construction & Roofing can take all the hassle out of the inevitable. While we cannot avoid the path of a storm, they can restore your roof to the way it looked before, so you don’t have to worry about storms.