Contact a driveway replacement specialist if you notice any of these issues!

The driveway is the first thing people see as they approach your home. A good-looking driveway can add curb appeal. If there are any issues, how can you tell if it’s time for a driveway replacement?

A driveway replacement begins with demolishing and removing the existing driveway. The second Is the preparation of the foundation. Finally, the new asphalt is laid overtop. This process requires heavy machinery and multiple workers.

This article will discuss some of the telltale signs it’s time for a full-scale driveway replacement instead of a repair. 

A new driveway.

If you think your driveway needs repair instead of full-scale replacement, take a look at this article for more information about the process of driveway repair.

It’s essential to make the best choice for your particular situation. Worrying about saving a few dollars here could mean a more substantial investment down the road.

Driveway replacements are the most expensive driveway maintenance option, but the quality of a new driveway means that this choice also has the most extended life. Plus, there will be little maintenance costs for at least the first few years of your new driveway’s existence.

When should I replace my driveway?

Potholes are a surefire sign you need a driveway replacement

1. There are multiple potholes.

As opposed to simple cracks, potholes can affect the foundation of your driveway. Additionally, potholes collect water. Accumulated water could lead to more damage, happening on a quicker timescale. 

You might be able to get away with a pothole or two by altering where you drive or park your car, but multiple potholes are one of the most telling signs of the need for a driveway replacement. Repairing individual potholes can be costly, making a strong case for a driveway replacement.

If there are interconnected cracks, you need a driveway replacement

2. Multiple, sprawling cracks cover an area.

If cracks are interconnected and cover a large area, it’s time for a driveway replacement. There is an option to repair single cracks, but this isn’t available if the cracks have gotten out of hand.

Think about the scales on a lizard or alligator. Got the image in your head? If your asphalt looks like this, it’s time for a driveway replacement.

3. You have drainage issues.

Water can be a destructive force if not correctly accounted for. If water is undercutting seeping below your driveway, or if the shape of your driveway is forcing water towards your home, a driveway replacement will eliminate the risk of damage. 

Please take a look the next time it rains to see where water pools. If it’s on the driveway, on the driveway’s sides, or alongside your house, have an expert come and take a look.

How long does a driveway replacement take?

A driveway replacement typically takes two days. One day to remove the existing structure, and another to install the new driveway. But these days aren’t always consecutive, meaning there might be a few days between demolition and installation.

Stay off for 3-5 days after your driveway replacement

Once your driveway replacement is complete, there is still a 3-5 days before it can be driven on. This period is when the asphalt hardens. 

When is the best time for a driveway replacement?

Driveway replacement is dependent on weather conditions. The hotter it is, the easier it will be to manage the asphalt. Strive to complete the project in the spring or summer.

If you live in a colder climate, winter is off the table. But the further south your home, the more time you have available throughout the year to invest in a driveway replacement.

Pull the trigger.

It’s time to invest in a driveway replacement if you notice any of the above three signs. While it can be costly, it will increase your home value. It will last for decades, with little maintenance required for the first few years.

Waiting could lead to further damage to your driveway’s foundation and could cause damage to your home. 

If you are in the greater Atlanta area, get in touch with Revere Construction and Roofing via our contact page. We will provide advice about the next steps with our free estimate. You have nothing to lose!

Your new driveway is right around the corner.