Keep these bathroom remodel ideas in mind as the scope of your project takes shape.

An updated master bathroom can be a relaxing environment to start the day and provide a place to unwind at the end of the day. When researching bathroom remodel ideas, it’s common to see pictures designed to inspire viewers into imagining what could be the future of their own space.

This list of bathroom remodel ideas will help spark your creativity about what you might like to change by highlighting the different aspects available for remodeling. Hopefully, there is something on this list that you’ve never considered before.

Instead of giving you a list of specific pieces of furniture you can invest in, let’s focus on the types of bathroom fixtures that are on the market. That way, you can make an informed choice about what fits your needs and space.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

For this article, let’s focus specifically on full bathrooms, such as the master bathroom. This type is where most people start their bathroom remodel projects, making sense to list out options applicable to this room of the house.

After the main list, I’ll include a separate list of bathroom remodel ideas that could apply to half bathrooms as well.

Sinks and Vanities

Dual sinks can keep space organized

A quick definition: a bathroom vanity is the combination of the sink and storage structure around it, including the counters.

One possibility for a master bathroom is a double sink. It can cut down on time to get ready, reduce clutter, and save relationships. This option is one of the most popular!


There are three main types of options to update your shower. 

  1. Get a new walk-in shower with a low threshold, making your bathroom seem larger and reducing the risk of falling.
  2. Consider a seat inside your shower. A seat is an excellent addition if mobility is–or might become–a concern.
  3. Adding a grab bar inside the shower. Extra support is a popular option for an older population since a fall poses a higher risk.

While on the topic of grab bars…


Grab bars in the shower help prevent falls

Adding a grab bar to the wall next to the toilet is a fantastic option for those with limited mobility. 

Additionally, a taller toilet could be beneficial. If your current fixture is an older model, modern toilets use less water, saving you money on your water bill.


Freestanding tubs are common in bathroom renovations

Consider a freestanding bathtub when putting together your wishlist. There are many options out there, modern tubs that don’t have claw feet and look like they came from a different century.

Storage Solutions

bathroom cabinet holds towels

Imagine you’re a guest in someone’s house. If there is ever anything you need, from a towel to toilet paper, the bathroom is the most vulnerable area to ask for assistance.

With your guests in mind, and to make your life simpler, consider a bathroom cabinet for your space, provided there is enough room. Keep bath towels, hand towels, and extra supplies inside, so they are always on-hand in the place they are needed.

Considering storage also brings sinks back into the mix. If you want to go with a freestanding sink, the lack of storage will be apparent; if you decide to move forward with a vanity, the drawers below can serve as storage space for the items listed above.

Bathroom Tile

Replace bathroom tile as part of the remodel

The last of the bathroom remodel ideas concerns the walls. Consider getting tile instead of wallpaper or paint. It provides a timeless backdrop for years to come and requires little maintenance outside of regular cleaning.

What works for half-bathrooms?

As promised, here is a condensed list of bathroom remodel ideas you can still consider if your project isn’t a full bathroom.

  • Toilet
  • Storage Solutions
  • Bathroom Tile

Get Creative!

Hopefully, this list of bathroom remodel ideas helps to get your creative juices flowing. There are lots of options; figure out the areas of greatest need and work down the list.

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And don’t forget to bookmark this list for future reference. If any new trends emerge, we’ll be sure to include them in here!