Let an Atlanta general contractor like RCR help with your residential or commercial construction project.

Are you looking for an Atlanta general contractor to help with your construction project? Atlanta is home to a wide array of experienced and reliable contractors who can handle everything from residential remodeling to commercial building renovation.

Hiring an Atlanta general contractor like Revere Construction & Roofing (RCR) comes with many advantages, including an commitment to customer satisfaction, attention to detail, and use of quality materials. Whether planning a new build or renovating an existing structure, finding the right general contractor is vital.

In this article, we’ll discuss what types of services Atlanta general contractors offer, why it’s essential to hire one for your project, and tips on how to find the best fit for your needs.

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Types of construction projects an Atlanta general contractor can handle

An Atlanta general contractor can handle many construction projects, from residential remodeling and renovation to commercial projects and new builds. Let’s take a look at all three.

Residential remodeling

Regarding residential remodeling or renovation, Atlanta general contractors can provide services such as kitchen and bath remodels, additions, window replacements, interior and exterior painting, flooring installations, siding and replacements, roof repairs, and more.

A recent example: one of our clients wanted to finish their basement. It included updating the walls and ceiling, adding a bathroom, installing flooring and lighting fixtures, and painting. We provided a full-service solution, from helping them obtain the necessary permits to completing the job on time and within budget. On the final walkthrough, we showed the homeowner their new space and gave them tips on maintaining it.

Commercial building renovation

Regarding commercial building renovations, Atlanta general contractors can provide interior buildouts, office expansions, ADA compliance modifications, retail space buildouts, tenant improvements, and more.

A recent example: we recently completed a project for a restaurant that needed more space. We provided our services, from obtaining permits and scheduling inspections to constructing additional seating areas, kitchen spaces, and bathrooms. In addition to providing quality materials and using up-to-date tools and equipment, we ensured the client was satisfied with our progress at every step.

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New construction

For new construction projects, Atlanta general contractors can provide services such as site preparation, excavation and foundation work, framing and carpentry, exterior and interior finishes, mechanical systems installation, landscaping, and more.

A recent example: We recently built a new warehouse for one of our clients. We provided all our services to ensure the project was built on time and within budget. Our team paid attention to detail, ensuring the framing was level and soundproofing the walls. Additionally, we used quality materials throughout and made sure that each step of the process was completed safely.

Advantages of hiring an Atlanta general contractor for your project

When it comes to the advantages of hiring Atlanta general contractors, there are many. For starters, Atlanta’s general contractors have a reputation for providing quality work and top-notch customer service. They are dedicated to getting the job done right the first time, with attention to detail and an eye for excellence. In addition, a general contractor like us only uses the highest quality materials, ensuring your project will last for years.

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Tips on finding the right Atlanta general contractor

Finding the right Atlanta general contractor for your project is essential. There are a few tips to keep in mind when searching for the perfect contractor for your project.

The first step is to research potential Atlanta general contractors. Get recommendations from family, friends, and neighbors who have had positive experiences with their chosen contractors. You can also use review sites like Yelp and Angie’s List to check out reviews of general contractors.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, ask each candidate for a detailed written estimate that includes the scope of work, materials needed, timeline, cost breakdown, and other important information regarding the project. Request references from previous clients and contact them to understand the general contractor’s body of work better. Finally, ensure you are comfortable with the Atlanta general contractor after an in-person meeting before signing any contracts.

Finding a general contractor who is experienced and reliable can be a challenging process; however, it is essential to ensure that your construction project runs smoothly and efficiently from start to finish. Researching potential Atlanta general contractors and asking the right questions can help you find a contractor who meets your needs and provides quality workmanship.

Let RCR help with your Atlanta construction project!

A general contractor can handle many projects, from residential remodeling and commercial building renovations to new construction. Find one with an excellent reputation for providing quality workmanship and customer service.

When searching for the perfect Atlanta contractor for your project, it is crucial to research potential candidates, ask questions about their services and experience, get references from previous clients, and make sure you are comfortable with the Atlanta contractor before signing any contracts.

If you need an Atlanta general contractor who meets all these criteria, Revere Construction & Roofing has years of experience helping customers with their construction projects! Contact us today to learn more about our services.