The average person will use around 63 gallons of water per day, and even more surprising than that is that 65% of that water is used in the bathroom. Bathrooms can quickly become a point of frustration financially speaking. In addition to the amount of water we use on average, old plumbing and mold growth can cost us a lot over the span of owning a home. A new trend in homeownership is remodeling the bathroom in order to lower the cost of the water bill. But there are many reasons for remodeling your bathroom, so here a few to consider.

Remodeling your bathroom can allow for important design innovations. Especially in bathrooms shared by multiple people, storage can be a big issue. Incorporating cabinets and shelves into the layout can make a bathroom feel more spacious. Bathrooms, in general, are designed to be pretty small, but as self-care and makeup trends grow it seems like more spacious bathrooms are necessary for the average family. As a family grows older, more and more space is needed throughout the entire home but especially the bathroom.

However, even for families with children remodeling can be vital. As safety in the home is monitored over time, statistics find that there are many dangerous factors of a bathroom. Remodeling can help avoid dangerous like old plumbing fails, slipping on faulty tiles, or badly placed electrical outlets.

Financially, it can be a major benefit to remodel a bathroom. In addition to increasing property value, incorporating energy-efficient designs can save you money each month. For example, newly innovated faucets can cut water flow after a certain amount of time. This can be used for kids, but also as a reminder to oneself to not spend too long in the shower. Lighting can also be more cost-efficient by having dimmable light switches.

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