Take care of your sagging roof as soon as you realize there’s a problem, so you don’t risk more significant issues in the future!

A sagging roof is a common problem in many homes. It can be caused by improper installation, damage from severe weather, and age. If you notice any signs of sagging, it is crucial to have a professional inspection to determine the cause and fix it as soon as possible.

Roofing experts can fix a sagging roof in various ways, depending on the cause; doing so ensures your roof works effectively until the end of its life cycle.

The sagging roof will eventually lead to water leaks which can ruin your ceilings below. This article will go over some common causes of roof sagging and the different repair options available!

What causes a sagging roof?

There are a few common causes of a sagging roof:

  1. Improper installation: Roof sagging can be the result of improper installation. If the roof isn’t installed correctly, it can cause the roof to sag over time.
  2. Damage from severe weather: Severe weather can also cause a roof to sag, including hail damage, high winds, or even a tornado.
  3. Age: A sagging roof can also be caused by simply aging. Roofs are designed to last for around 20 years, and after that, they may start to sag.

Ponding standing water on a flat roof after heavy rain.

Signs you might have a sagging roof

If you notice any of the following signs, it’s likely that you have a sagging roof and should call a professional for an inspection:

  • The roof is sagging in the middle
  • There are water leaks on the ceilings below
  • The roof shingles are curling or cupping
  • The roofing material is starting to buckle or tear
  • Pooling water from sunken areas on the roof

Repair options for your sagging roof

Roofing experts will first determine the cause of the sagging. Then, once they know what’s causing it, they can choose to fix it in one of two different ways:

Roof replacement

If the roof is severely damaged, the best option might be to replace it entirely. A sagging roof can result from extensive damage and cause more problems if it isn’t replaced right away.

Roof repairs

If the roof is only partially damaged, roof repairs might be a more affordable option. Roof repairs can include roof brackets, roof strapping, or roof cables. 

Roof replacement is usually the most expensive option, but it’s also the most effective. Roof repairs can be a more affordable alternative, but they may not be as effective in the long term.

If you’d like more information about sagging roofs and the repair options available for your home, be sure to contact the local roofing contractors at Revere Construction and Roofing today!

sagging roof with displaced shingles

What happens if I leave my sagging roof alone?

Roof sagging can lead to several problems, including water leaks, damaged ceilings, and even structural damage. Additionally, roof sagging could put your entire home at risk. Imagine if the damaged roof collapsed and caused damage to the walls and other parts of your house—you’d be looking at a pretty expensive repair project.

That’s why it is best to get a sagging roof fixed as soon as possible! If you notice any signs of sagging, call a professional immediately. Not only will they inspect your roof and determine the cause of the sagging, but they’ll also fix it as soon as possible with one of the above options!

roofers repairing asphalt shingles on rooftop

Fixing your sagging roof in Atlanta with Revere Construction and Roofing

If you notice any of the signs above, it’s essential to have a professional inspection. If the sagging roof is caused by improper installation or damage from severe weather, your chosen roofing contractor can fix this with roof repairs. However, if your sagging is due to age, roof replacement may be the best option.

Either way, repairing your roof in Atlanta should be done as soon as possible because, if left untreated, sagging can cause more severe damage that will cost much more to fix later on!

The roofing professionals at Revere Construction and Roofing are here and ready to help you with your sagging roof, roof leak, or any other roofing problems you have! Reach out via our contact page, and a member of our team will help you schedule your free estimate.