A roof restoration is an excellent option for getting the most out of your roof before it’s time for a roof replacement.

Keeping a well-functioning roof is a part of property owner maintenance most people overlook until it becomes a problem. Roofing issues commonly lead to another question: what’s better, roof restoration or replacement?

Roof restoration is when a roofing contractor keeps a part of your roof, fixes the affected areas, and applies a coating to the roofing surface. A roof replacement is when your roofing contractor removes your roof and replaces it with an entirely new one.

In short, a roof restoration uses what’s already there and adds to it.

This article will outline some of the factors that determine whether your roof is a good candidate for a roof restoration, the five benefits of a roof restoration, and give a brief overview of the roof restoration process.

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When a restoration is an option

The most significant factor in determining eligibility for a roof restoration is the age of your current roof. Most roofs have a twenty-five to thirty-year life expectancy, and a restoration is perfect for roofs less than twenty years old. This decision comes down to economics: the cost of restoring roofs over twenty years old doesn’t make sense when a roof replacement is coming within the next five years.

A second significant factor in electing for a restoration is the structural integrity of your current roof. The new roofing portion will supplement what already exists—the goal is to use as much of the previous roof as possible. With consistent roof maintenance, you’ll know that your roof is in good shape. 

Lastly, if you’re selling your house and want to offer upgraded aesthetics and performance, a roof restoration is the perfect option. 

5 roof restoration benefits

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Cost less

Since a restoration uses a portion of your existing roof, they cost less than roof replacements.

Roof replacements include a demolition cost that restorations don’t require. Restoration also uses fewer materials and requires less labor.

Extend your roof’s life

A restoration extends your roof’s lifespan, bringing it more in line with the expected 25-30 year timeframe. Roof restoration addresses any minor issues and can add approximately 15-20 years to your roof’s life, depending on the age. 

Tax benefits

Because of the way taxes classify the expense, you can save money by performing a restoration instead of a replacement. One is a maintenance expenditure, while the other is a capital expense. This benefit can help offset the cost of your investment.

Prevents larger issues

Any issues with a roof become magnified over time. Without restoration, your roof’s condition will continue to deteriorate, which could result in higher costs down the line.

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Environmentally friendly

Because restoration uses parts of your existing roof, there’s less material going to a landfill. Additionally, all the production costs associated with new roofing materials aren’t a factor and reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Roof restoration process

The roof restoration process is quicker than a roof replacement. There’s less noise involved without the demolition, and roofing contractors don’t need to be onsite as often since there are fewer materials used and no deliveries to schedule.

The six steps to roof restoration:

  1. Inspect the roof for structural integrity
  2. Clean the roof
  3. Remove built-up residues
  4. Inspect and repair seams, flashing, and fasteners
  5. Repair and rebuild the roof where necessary
  6. Apply new seal

Roof restoration in Atlanta, Georgia

Roof restoration has a considerable amount of benefits over a traditional roof replacement: there are cost savings, they’re more environmentally friendly, and they help capitalize on your roof’s expected lifespan.

As long as your roof is less than twenty years old, restoration will save you both time and money over a roof replacement.

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