Depending on where you live, you are probably reflecting if its time to dig out the snow tires for your car to prepare you for the winter weather. An equally valuable investment can be made on your roof as it also requires some preparations for the winter as well. Your roof is an essential part of protecting your home, and a simple visual inspection is vital to keep you prepared for snow and frost. There are a few necessary maintenance measures to get your roof ready for winter.

However, before you start, remember that climbing on a roof can be dangerous. Revere Construction & Roofing specialists are specially trained to navigate your rooftop. They understand the safety precautions regarding ladders and working on high or sloped roofs. They also have the equipment and expertise to see a potential problem before it escalates into a bigger problem. If you decide to perform these maintenance steps, be sure to understand all the necessary safety rules for your protection.


Leaves and other debris will collect in your gutters over time, which can prevent rainwater from being removed from your roof. Cleaning out your gutters will prevent water from collecting in your gutters. Clogged gutters can pose as a dangerous problem as the temperatures drop overnight, resulting in ice damming in your downspouts, which causes constant moisture throughout your home. Standing water, on the other hand, can damage your siding and foundation.


Your attic’s insulation and ventilation are crucial to the strength and lifespan of your roof. You can lower the costs of your energy bill by having the right amount of insulation and ventilation in your attic.

Revere Construction & Roofing will ensure that you’re ready for the winter months. We will ensure that everything is done to prevent any damages to your roof to guarantee that no potential repairs await in the future.