Have you ever wondered about the roof repair process once you’ve decided your roof needs work? What happens after you contact your trusted local roofing company? Read on to find out.

You know your roof needs to be repaired but between work, family, and social life, there’s enough on your plate. If you knew what the roofing repair process involved, it would make the entire affair more palatable. You could schedule it so there is minimal interruption to your daily life. 

The uncertainty surrounding the process of roof repair can make it seem more daunting than it is. But armed with a little information you will be able to make sure your home is ready for the next storm, or winter, depending on the time of year. Say goodbye to worries of water damage!

The Process

  1. After your initial call, an inspection is scheduled. 
  2. Once the roofing expert has the chance to look at your roof, they will know how large the project will be and will report their recommendations.
  3. Together with your roofing expert, you schedule a time for the work to take place
  4. The repair occurs on the agreed-upon date

Now, it must be said that all roofing repair jobs will be different. Some take a few hours, some take a few days; it all depends on the size of the job. These are the three parts of the roof that might need to be addressed:

  • Roof Sheathing – the pieces of wood that make up the base layer of the roof. This is what you can see from inside your attic. Repairs that require work on this layer take the most time.
  • Roof Paper – this is the layer of asphalt paper that goes between the roof sheathing and the shingles.
  • Roof Shingles – this is the part of the roof that can be seen from above and must be layered from the edge of the roof to the crest to allow for proper water flow.

The parts of the roof that need to be repaired are determined during the roof inspection.

Getting work done on your home is an important investment of both time and money. Call the experts at Revere Construction and Roofing and know that we will treat your time and home with respect.

Then, once you start the roof repair process, you can sleep easier knowing you’ve taken steps to protect what’s most truly valuable: the safety of you and your loved ones.