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Every Sandy Springs roofing project is a crucial investment for homes in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Revere Construction and Roofing, with over 25 years of satisfied customers, has the expertise to provide Sandy Springs homeowners with peace of mind and ensure that your Sandy Springs roofing project will last for generations!

With our 5-star team’s commitment to excellence in Sandy Springs roofing services, we can guarantee an exceptional Sandy Springs roofing experience from start to finish.

This blog post dives into our two most popular Sandy Springs roofing services: roof repair and replacement. So contact us today for your free estimate on your next Sandy Springs roof installation or repair project! You can be confident when you call us because we guarantee to get the job done right – no matter what it takes.

roof damage on edge with missing shingles

Sandy Springs roofing damage

Since the climate in Sandy Springs, Georgia, is relatively mild, a vast majority of the Sandy Springs roofing damage we see is from aging roofs. When the years take their toll on the shingles, flashing, and gutters, property owners have to take action to prevent roof leaks from damaging their homes.

In the chance of inclement weather from sudden downpours or storms, debris can puncture the roof and force a roof repair, even if the roof is relatively new.

Whatever the source of the damage, property owners should promptly contact their Sandy Springs roofing experts to prevent further water damage. Any water that enters the home carries the risk of mold growth, which could put the health of anyone that frequents the property at risk.

2 popular Sandy Springs roofing services

Roof repair in process with missing shingles

Roof Repair

Sandy Springs roofing repair jobs are ideal for roofs less than twenty years old that have sustained damage.

Roofs older than twenty are getting close to the advised time for a roof replacement—which is twenty-five years—and it often doesn’t make sense for a roof repair when replacement is on the horizon.

Damaged shingles, corrupt flashing, and punctured roofs are all perfect candidates for a Sandy Springs roof repair. Our experts save most of your roof and only focus on the damaged parts, saving you money while ensuring your roof can handle inclement weather.

Sandy Springs roofing contractors performing roof installation

Roof replacement

If you have a roof that is older than twenty-five years, or if your roof sustained significant damage over time, it’s time to consider Sandy Springs roof replacement! While the cost of this Sandy Springs roof project may seem daunting at first glance, trust us when we say it will be much better than letting water into your home and dealing with a mold issue.

Our Sandy Springs roofing team will assess your home and provide a Sandy Springs roof replacement estimate that is as accurate as possible. We want you to know what it will cost before we start tearing off the old shingles, after all!

We often see an uptick in Sandy Springs roofing replacements after tropical storms and hurricanes—the immense volume of water can cause Sandy Springs roofing to become compromised, resulting in leaks inside the home.

Our Sandy Springs roofers are happy to provide a Sandy Springs roof replacement or Sandy Springs roof repair quote after assessing your Sandy Springs home and determining which type of shingle is best for you!

The best Sandy Springs roofing team

Our Sandy Springs roofing experts have over twenty-five years of experience handling all types of roofing jobs. Both roof repairs and roof replacements are handled with care and expertise by our Sandy Springs roofers.

Sandy Springs roofing emergencies require urgent attention so that leaks don’t lead to mold growth. We offer free Sandy Springs roof inspections, so you know what needs repairing before it becomes an even greater emergency.

If you are in the Sandy Springs, Georgia area and require a professional roofing contractor, give Revere Construction and Roofing a call or reach out via our contact page! Our well-trained team is here for you, regardless of your roofing emergency, and we can’t wait to help you get your life back to the way it was before the disaster.