A bathroom remodel contractor gives their best tips to caring for your bathroom after the overhaul is complete.

There you are, walking through your brand new bathroom. The whites are bright, the lighting dust-free. Towels hang with crisp folds, so the room looks like the ideal version of itself, at least for a moment. If you are curious how to keep your bathroom looking new as long as possible, give these maintenance tips from a bathroom remodel contractor a shot.

It’s natural to want to keep the space looking great for a long time. It cost money, time, and a willingness to allow others to be in your home. Once the process is over, and you’re left alone with your new bathroom, it’s time to break the seal and expose the bathroom to real life.

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What are you up against?

You may have the urge to tread gently when first using your new bathroom. But over time, things creep up that will affect the aesthetic. Think soap scum, toothpaste drips, and toilet stains.

Without a strategy to maintain your new bathroom, these issues could pile up and contribute to premature aging of the fixtures and seals.

Curious about what to do to combat these factors? When it comes down to it, who better to look for answers from than a bathroom remodel contractor? 

Five maintenance tips from a bathroom remodel contractor.

Let’s look at common bathroom areas and the most impactful tip to help you care for each one.


The number one tip that leads to maintaining the shower over the long term is to run the fan after each use. During hot showers and baths, steam and condensation accumulate and can lead to mold, mildew, and water damage. Leave your fan on for fifteen minutes after each shower.


This tip is more about what NOT to do. Specifically, avoid using cleaners that require you to drop something into the tank. If anyone gives you a problem, tell them a bathroom remodel contractor showed you the light! These can damage the rubber flaps and other parts that need to stay operational to ensure your toilet correctly flushes whenever you pull the handle. Use an in-bowl cleaner once a week.


The biggest tip in regards to the sink will involve hair clogs. In particular, we are getting ahead of them. Don’t wait until the drain stops completely! Be proactive as soon as you notice the slowdown. Start by trying to use a metal coat hanger to remove the clog. If that doesn’t work, use an unclogging gel.


To keep the lights shining bright, showing off every corner of your newly renovated bathroom, it’s essential to keep the lights clean and dust-free. You don’t know how many times people neglect this easy tip! Use a damp cloth, then a dry cloth, to wipe down the fixtures and bulbs. 


One way to keep grout looking fresh is to spray it with a cleaning solution every day, or at least after every use. But, since this requires a certain amount of diligence, our suggestion is to plan on cleaning the grout every other week with a paste made of baking soda and water. This solution is a cheap, eco-friendly way to keep the grout looking great without too much effort!

Maintenance takes work!

If you’re looking at this list and feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry! You can handle this and are up to the challenge. 

Ask a bathroom remodel contractor their best tip for getting tasks done? Create a schedule. By mapping out how frequently different tasks need to be completed, and compiling likely timeframes, you set yourself up for success. Nobody can do everything, not even Superman. 

Manageable chunks, little and often over the long term, is the key to managing large projects. Figure out what needs to be done and map out your plan!

Any questions?

Once the bathroom remodel contractor finishes the job, they pass the reins over to you. It’s your job to care for the newly completed bathroom, maintain the quality, and keep it looking as good as new.

If you ever have any questions about bathroom maintenance, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.

Now that you’ve finished your bathroom and have a maintenance plan set up, what will be your next house project?