Our Atlanta roofing services include roof repair and replacement for both commercial and residential properties.

Many homeowners have been in the unfortunate position of repairing their roof or replacing it because it’s beyond repair. They often find themselves stressed about whom to trust with this job and how much it will cost them.

Luckily, we offer a wide range of Atlanta roofing services that include roof repair and replacement for commercial and residential properties.

This article will provide details about what’s involved in each process, providing you with a roadmap, so you know what to expect!

roof damage

Roof damage in Atlanta

Roof damage falls into two main types: sudden, unexpected damage and the toll time takes on your roof structure.

Most roofs last in the twenty to twenty-five year range. The age of your roof plays a significant role in the type of service your Atlanta roofing contractor recommends.

Roofs over twenty years of age are often too old for major repairs. Although these repairs could add more years to your existing roof, the impending roof replacement often makes a complete roof replacement the more economical option.

Minor repairs, such as missing shingles or ruptured seals, are good candidates for roof repair, regardless of age.

An excellent example of a candidate for roof repair is a less than twenty-year-old roof that suffers from storm damage. If there’s a hole in the roof from debris or the roof becomes damaged and allows water into the home, there’s a good chance that just a part of the roof needs repair.

Regardless of the reason for roof damage, our Atlanta roofing experts will come to your property and assess the situation for free.

2 Atlanta roofing services: Roof repair or replacement

The two major Atlanta roofing service options are roof repair and roof replacement. Revere Construction and Roofing (RCR) works on commercial and residential properties, with over twenty-five years of experience in the industry.

While the materials are different, the overall services are pretty similar.

roof repair

Roof repair

Roof repair is the Atlanta roofing service for roofs in serviceable condition, where only a portion of the roof requires service.

Any storm damage is a great candidate for roof repair, as well as minor issues with shingles, gutters, flashing, and seals.

Our Atlanta roofing professionals inspect the damage in these instances, provide an estimate, and develop a schedule before working on your roof. Then, the experts take care of whatever problem your roof has, making sure the entire roofing structure protects your home from the elements.

Part of this process is ensuring no water enters your home under any circumstances. Even minor leaks can become more significant problems down the road, leading to extensive repairs or replacement. In worst-case scenarios, infiltrating water leads to mold growth and requires mold remediation and roof repair.

roof replacement

Roof replacement

Roof replacement is relatively straightforward—it’s the process of replacing your entire roof.

This service is best for large-scale damage, where repairs cost nearly as much as a total roof replacement price.

Wherever the underlying structure could be compromised, a roof replacement is an option. For example, after a fire, there’s a good chance a roof repair won’t address every potential roofing issue. Those are instances when our Atlanta roofing professionals might recommend a roof replacement.

Age plays a significant role in the potential for roof replacement, along with insurance considerations. Roof repairs on an older roof are often not enough for consistent, quality protection moving forward—on these occasions, a roof replacement is the better course of action.

RCR’s Atlanta roofing services

Whether you need new shingles, minor repairs, or an entire roof replacement, our experts can handle any project. Our pricing for Atlanta roofing services is competitive with other contractors, and our customer service is second to none.

Our Atlanta roofing services are available for both commercial and residential properties. RCR has an extensive history servicing all types of roofs, and you’ll have your space back as soon as possible. Our transparent communication and high-quality customer service guarantee a smooth process throughout.

If you are in the Atlanta, Georgia, area and are interested in our roofing services, give us a call or reach out via our contact page. Our experts are here for you and can’t wait to help with your roofing issues!