It has been found recently that a new roof is one of the best investments in increasing property value. A new roof itself can return approximately 85% of its cost in its resale value. An apparent reason is that it adds to the exterior attractiveness of the home. While many home issues can be concealed, a roof is one of the significant things that cannot be hidden. The difference between an older and newer roof is one of the initial observations of a possible buyer. 

In addition to making money back, investing in a new roof can also save you money throughout owning a home. Modern, energy-efficient roofs can save money on heating and cooling the house throughout the seasons. As time goes on and new methods of building homes are found, innovations of building parts like roofs have lowered the costliness of homeownership. There are many options now for lowering monthly bills.

Location matters, too. If you experience a variety of weather conditions or prolonged times of ultraviolet rays hitting your roof, your roof is continuously wearing away. New roofs are made of a variety of innovative materials. These materials are much stronger than what roofs were once made of. Investing in the right kind of material, dependent upon your location, can save you from minor repairs in the future.

It also can lower your insurance cost. When you’re quoted for your home insurance, the age of your roof is part of the calculation. In fact, in the case of a particularly old roof, some home insurers may even deny your insurance at all. Of course, that is in more dramatic scenarios, however the newer your roof, the lower the cost of your home insurance.

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