There are many reasons why a demolition may be necessary. Sometimes getting rid of a building is more beneficial than attempting to restore it. More and more often, demolishing is the answer when buying or owner property since it can be easier to build over bare land than fix old, faulty foundations or structures. Here are a few reasons to choose demolishing a part or whole building.

Firstly, as I said before, faulty foundations can be unstable and difficult to restore. The foundations may become brittle, causing uneven floors. It can even store moisture which may cause water damage. In addition to safety hazards, it can be costly to maintain issues in the foundation. Therefore many building owners will demolish buildings with unstable foundations.

Likewise, the age of a building might be a good reason for demolishing it. Even if it is possible to restore older buildings, they must also be updated to the current standard of safety. To do so requires a lot of time and money. Incorporating new safety standards is easier to do from the beginning of building. So if you’re looking to build something new, demolishing a previous building can speed up the process.

Increasing property value is another reason for demolishing a building. If a building is being unused it may decrease the property value due to it’s safety hazards and the possibility of attracting animals, mold, and other dangerous things. In addition to this, selling an empty lot can be more profitable than a lot with a building that a buyer may themselves need to demolish in order to use the property. 

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