Please don’t waste your valuable time; trust us with your Atlanta home demolition project!

At Revere Construction and Roofing, we’re more than just a construction team. We also offer demolition services to everyone within our service area of Atlanta, Georgia, and the surrounding suburbs. If you need help with your Atlanta home demolition project, we’re the ones to call!

Whether it’s a part of your residential property or the whole thing, we can help. 

If you want to get your demolition services at the best cost, we’ve got you covered! Let us make your home improvement project as stress-free as possible! Our fully equipped team can handle all of your demolition project needs, so you don’t have to.

Demolition DIY might not be the best idea

Do you have the time and resources to do it yourself?

Why not DIY?

We often run across this question. It’s an important one to address since there seems to be a pervasive feeling that we grab a sledgehammer and go to town.

There are many reasons to call professionals for demolition work. Frequently, the home is no longer habitable after water damage or house fires. There are also instances when demolishing a vacant home eliminates the threat of government citations.

After a home fire, RCR can help with necessary demolition

Depending on the type of Atlanta home demolition you require, the safety of the existing structure might be a determining factor. It may not be safe to occupy. Our team has the knowledge and experience to perform the demolition work safely, without putting people at risk.

There are extensive licensure and insurance requirements to be allowed to perform Atlanta home demolition work. Additionally, the machines we use all require trained professionals to operate. 

The 8 main types of Atlanta home demolition

  1. Bathroom demolition. If you are doing some home renovations, let us come in and take care of removing the old. We can keep an eye out for water and mold damage, an extra set of eyes to help keep you and your family safe.
  2. Garage/Shed demolition. Are you tired of your existing structures? Are you getting new, prefabricated units to replace them? Let us come in and take the old pieces off your property.
  3. Driveway removal. For those looking at a driveway replacement, the first step is to remove the existing asphalt. Did you know we also do driveway installation?
  4. Swimming pool removal. The pool sounded like a good idea at the time, or maybe you inherited it, but if you’re done with having a pool on your property, we can get it off there. 
  5. Deck and patio demolition. The number one reason we see people wanting to get rid of their existing structure is safety concerns. Do you fall into this category? Or do you want a new one?
  6. Kitchen demolition. Getting a kitchen update requires removing the cabinets and countertops while being mindful of the risk of electric shock.
  7. Carpet and flooring removal. You’d be surprised how often years of pet ownership is the reason for the mass removal of flooring. We can help you get it out and disposed of properly!
  8. Playset demolition. There’s no room for a playset once the kids are grown. We can get it off your property so you can enjoy more of your yard!

Where does the trash go?

Salvage and recycle appropriate parts of a home demolition

With the current climate of environmental awareness, it’s essential to trust your Atlanta home demolition team knows the proper waste management guidelines. The last thing anyone wants is to add more to landfills!

There are numerous opportunities for salvage or recycling. For example, windows, trim, doors, and flooring can all be salvaged. Everyone has a role to play in saving the environment, and we don’t take our position lightly!

Property owners and property managers looking for help with their Atlanta home demolition projects should contact the best team in the area: Revere Construction and Roofing. Our team is here, ready to talk to you about how we can work together to save you both time and money. Contact us today to find out more information!